MPA Internships

The internship experience is intended to provide exposure to the workings of government or nonprofit organizations.  A paid position is ideal but many non-paid internships are available and provide valuable experience.  Once a student finds an internship opportunity, the student should complete an “MPA Internship Approval” form and submit it to the MPA office.  The MPA Director will “approve” or “deny” the form.  If approved, then the agency and student may move forward with the arrangement. 

An internship must be the equivalent of a semester (15 weeks) of half-time work.   This can be met with any number of permutations that generate approximately 300 hours of work with the agency.  At the end of the internship, both the intern and the employer will complete evaluation forms, which will then be submitted to the MPA Director.  

Students who have been working in the professional world should speak with the MPA Program Director to determine if their work experience will fulfill the requirements of an internship.  If so, the student will submit a Professional Involvement Form along with a current copy of their resume to the MPA Director.