Capstone Projects

MPA Team Capstone Projects

This seminar provides a team of students a service learning experience in public management. In an effort to combine students' academic preparation with practical, applied experience, we introduce students to public management through a project sponsored by an area government or nonprofit agency. With this approach, we hope to expose students to the rigors of working in a team in public management. This assignment encourages students to refine their leadership, management, and decision-making skills for resolving problems and enhancing group performance.  Students are guided by an MPA faculty member and an experienced local community consultant, and are conducted every fall and spring semester.

The end result of the effort, or deliverable, takes the form of an analysis that results in a formal written report and a PowerPoint presentation to the sponsoring organization.

Examples of past capstone projects are provided in the link below.  If your agency has the need for such a student-led project, please contact Dr. Suzanne Leland, MPA Director, at or 704-687-5937.

Past Capstone Projects