Please note: due to COVID-19, many courses are being delivered in hybrid format.  Additionally, please be aware that COVID-19 may result in changes to this information.  Any changes will be communicated to you. For more detail on class times, locations, and delivery methods, please visit the class schedule.

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Fall 2022

6102 - Foundations in Public Administration M 5:30 P-8:15 P Leland Hybrid
6104 - Public Organizations and Management W 5:30 P-8:15 P Barth Online
6125 - Quantitative Research Methods T 6:30 P-9:15 P Chattopadhyay Online
6216 - Data Analysis Decision Making T 6:30 P-9:15 P Davis Hybrid
6131 - Public Budgeting and Finance M 5:30 P-8:15 P Rhoten Hybrid
6134 - Human Resources Management R 5:30 P-8:15 P Piatak Hybrid
6184 - Urban Politics W 5:30 P-8:15 P Eagle Hybrid
6187 - Adv Sem in Pub Mgmt Prob Solv T 5:30 P-8:15 P Douglas/Walton Online
6188 - Rsch Appl in Public Admn M 6:30 P-9:15 P Carman Online
6211 - Admn of Aging Problems M 6:00 P-8:45 P Kearney Online
6290 - Emergency Management W 6:30 P-9:15 P Staley Online
6311 - Intro to Nonprofit Management W 5:30 P-8:15 P Postel Center City
6316 - Intro to Arts Administration R 5:30 P-8:15 P Kaemmerlen-Kabool Center City
6326 - Appl Econ for Public Administration R 6:30 P-9:15 P Douglas Hybrid
6332 - Project Management M 5:30 P-8:15 P Davis Hybrid