Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Program Description:

The nonprofit management concentration consists of fifteen credit hours within the MPA curriculum. Students must fulfill the following requirements:   12 months of full-time continuous employment in a government agency, nonprofit organization, or appropriate business organization (or be currently enrolled in another graduate program).  This requirement can be waived for students who already have a Master's degree.

1-Students are required to take the following two courses:

  • MPAD 6311 Introduction to Nonprofit Management (3)
  • MPAD 6324 Financial Analysis for Nonprofit Organizations (3)

2-Students must complete two of the following courses:

  • MPAD 6142 Grant Writing and Reporting (3)
  • MPAD 6310 Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector (3)
  • MPAD 6312 Fundraising (3)
  • MPAD 6314 Marketing for Arts & Nonprofit Organizations (3)
  • MPAD 6316 Introduction to Arts Administration (3)
  • MPAD 6318 Arts Administration II (3)
  • MPAD 6327 Internal Capacity Building in Nonprofit Organizations (3)
  • MPAD 6329 Nonprofit Organizations and their Environment (3)
  • MPAD 6330 Program Evaluation for the Public & Nonprofit Sectors (3)
  • MPAD 6332 Project Management (3)

3-Students must complete an additional three credit hours of MPAD electives.

Appropriate non-MPAD courses may be taken within this concentration upon approval of the student’s advisor and the MPA Director.