Dr. Suzanne Leland receives the Harshini V. De Selva Award


Dr. Suzanne Leland presents American Cities and the Politics of Party Conventions as part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Personally Speaking series. From the CLAS Personally Speaking website…”American Cities examines decisions by contemporary American cities such as Charlotte to bid on and host one of the quadrennial major political party conventions. Leland is an award-winning core faculty member of the Public Policy Ph.D. program and professor in political science and public administration.”

Dr. Leland’s presentation can be viewed on the UNC Charlotte YouTube page at https://youtu.be/ZDy1tNauvck

Dr. Suzanne Leland received the Harshini V. De Selva Award https://inside.uncc.edu/news-features/2020-02-27/political-science-researcher-receives-harshini-v-de-silva-award?utm_source=gmail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=February_27_2020